Monday, March 30, 2009

1st Birthday!

So the boys' had their first birthday. The official party was on Sunday March 22nd at my parents. We did an impromptu cupcake party on their actual birthday with Jake's parents via web chat- which was fun, they opened presents and ate some cupcake. On the 22nd of March I made Corn beef and Cabbage and Cornbread for dinner (partly because of their St. Patrick's Day birthday and partly because I love to eat corn beef and cabbage). I made the boys their own small cake because I've decided they shouldn't have to share their cake. So because of their little shoes that have a monkey and dragon and because Joey growls like a dragon and Tommy hangs on to you like a monkey I though those would be fun . So I made two small flat cakes (actually I sketched out the pictures based on two designs I found on google that I liked) and with some butter cream icing, food coloring and green sprinkles for the dragon, and chocolate icing, and chocolate sprinkles for the monkey, the two cakes were done. Joey seemed only mildly impressed but Tommy went to town once he tasted the chocolate icing- I mean double fisted. I will upload the video today and put it on here- it was hilarious at the time, hopefully it still is. We got them little cards and then the following weekend picked up toys for them at the mothers of multiple sale.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Welcome to my world.

THIS IS MY LIFE. So we have entered that all too awkward phase, my boys want to walk... at times think they can walk usually just before crashing down. They climb up everything to get to a standing position, generally to attempt to grab the only thing in the room I don't want them playing with (like the computer or my big toe- Tommy has 5 big chompers so it's concerning). Meanwhile I am left to debate whether or not to save their noggins from the hard wood or let them learn to hold on better. Last week I decided enough was enough and so we bought a rug... which turned out to not be quite enough so a couple of days later we bought foam padding for under the rug. Alas my boys should survive their toddler days without too much brain damage. I might be a good mom after all.