Monday, February 15, 2010


Tommy is not our daredevil but I promise you he had fun and at the bottom said "Gain" which is again- meaning I had fun. Although you wouldn't guess it by the look on his face. We had a fun sledding, so much so that I literally loaded them into their carseats kicking and screaming because they didn't want to go home- but they were cold. While the sledding was fun.. our multiple "snow emergencies" have really worn me down. SO tired of the snow right now and the lousily plowed streets, don't get me wrong they sure try here but wow so much ice in the middle of the road and the constant disappearing lane gets old.
Sorry I haven't updated recently but I have been busying myself with study- I am trying to add a couple more endorsements to my credentials as I am up for license renewal anyway. I already passed the Middle School English with flying colors. I only needed a 165 out of 200 (I scored 191) so I am good there, but because of the way they test I couldn't take the Tech Ed the same day. The next available test date is March 13th... so that's what is up next for me. Consequently, I have been spending the boys naptimes and every evening studying- really puts a crimp in my blogging and keeping up online. So that's the latest in our world, oh and Jake is spending his every waking moment studying for the CPA. Hope you all are well.


  1. So, cute post! Of course they would love the's that Utah blood running through them. Hope you all made it home safe and did the boys follow my words of advice or Candies?

  2. Tommy totally listened to you and was a breeze which is good because maybe that means people didn't completely despise us when Joey started freaking out because he wanted milk and I didn't have any and the stewardess' weren't up because of turbulence. Once we got the milk he calmed down.