Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Son of Rambow

So I have been marinating over this little movie (Son of Rambow)... I saw it on the previews under Netflix and thought I would give it a shot. Jake and I spent the first half of the movie saying- This movie is so weird and then suddenly it changed and we found it hilarious. The language is definitely questionable at times but the story is quietly brilliant. Okay enough of that... our boys have spent this week getting frustrated that they can't walk as well as they want and then falling over. So our living room (a.k.a. the boys' playroom) has changed yet again- this time we have bought a rug and foam padding to give the boys more cushion. Oh and I have had to child proof up another foot. It's a good thing these boys are so fun because they sure can be a lot of work.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello all!

Current (Below) - After (Right... hopefully- plus plants)
I was tempted to title this... 'you guys suck' but I am trying not to say that (suck) anymore- these little men of mine are sponges and so I opted for Hello all. Being as I didn't realize I was dropping the ball (thank you Candi for enlightening me) I have decided to give this a try- I am sure I will keep it up about as well as my 360 page. Although I do think these are a lot cuter and so that's fun. Anyway, I am bummed because I was feeling inspired to work on my house- including a trip to the Homer and it snowed today so it's officially still clean inside weather. Oh well my big plans for the house will have to wait- I am sure my little men don't mind.