Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The only thing identical about these two is their birthday...

By the way... they have the same amount of food only Tommy opted to put his toast in his apple sauce.
I laugh when people tell me they can't tell my boys apart because obviously they are identical. I think many people do not realize that twins that are the same gender CAN BE fraternal (which is what we were blessed with). If I don't know the person then I will ususally just nod in agreement- I find there is no reason to explain that Joey's eyes are hazel and Tommy's blue and the Joey is a neat freak and Tommy loves the mess. I find it equally amusing when people look at the boys in the shopping cart and say "So they're not twins..." because they notice the 4 pound difference in weight and that Tommy is also a bit taller and at that point Joey is silently starring them down trying to figure them out. We do love the challenges and joys of these two characters.
In other news, we are still in Purcellville and Jake is still working at Harris Corp. in Sterling. I spend my time trying to keep fit so I can keep up with these two little men. I am in the midst of attempting to figure out what to do with the garden (I know I need to winterize it BUT I am not sure if I am going to transplant some plants first. Decisions Decisions.) Hope you are all well.