Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Been busy


So my first blog I talked about all the things I wanted to do to my house... I thought I would show you guys what I've done.

I painted the front door and shutter blue, we re caulked the windows and door some of the trim paint. My plants came up and I added 6 hybrid rose bushes at of the posts on the fence line. Oh and we did a huge mulch and rock run... the area in front of my fence is now a gravel lined parking area instead of a grass and weed lined mess. Oh yeah... all in a few months work.

Not to mention we finally framed up and hung the beautiful stained glass window that Hilary made for me a year ago. She has mad glass cutting skills.

Recently I have been getting ready to teach Ellie my US history course in an abbreviated month long version. I am way excited but also nervous because sometimes teaching family can be a miserable experience for all involved but as I have made the culminating project a scavenger hunt through D.C. I think it should be fun.

Also I entered my boys into the Parents Cover contest. I don't think that other people's ratings have any bearing on the contest but they encourage having your friends look at the pictures you've uploaded and rate them. You had to enter 6 photos per kid and my initial entry won't count because you have to enter twins separately. Oh well, so I have three links. The boys together http://www.parents.com/photos/photo-contests-1/cover-kid/805900097/, Tommy's entry http://www.parents.com/photos/photo-contests-1/cover-kid/862400034/, and Joey's entry http://www.parents.com/photos/photo-contests-1/cover-kid/862400035/. The contest closes June 24th... if you guys wouldn't mind going and checking out the photos and rating them (just in case that matters) that would be awesome. Hope life is going well in your world. It crazy as always in mine.