Monday, July 27, 2009

BEWARE! Objects in picture are more dangerous than they appear.

So the boys have figured out how to take off their diapers- danger, danger! Accordingly the boys are not given the opportunity to toddle in only diapers- but have at least diapers and onesies on at all times... except after bath times and that is Jake and my way of playing Russian Roulette. We let them dry out their little bottoms before clothing them again and except for once where there was a bit of a poo disaster it has worked out fine. Enough of the poo talk- although I kind of feel as though this is what consumes my life. Bubbles, animals, reading AND poo. Oh well I am enjoying this stage of their life because it is full of new words and discoveries. For example both boys say Momma which rather makes my heart melt. Tommy used to only say my name when he wanted food and it was always, "" and Joey was just not saying anything. They also say eat and go... which can be cute depending on what I am trying to get done. So that's my life in a nutshell at this time.

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