Saturday, September 26, 2009

18 months...

18 months and counting... seems like all my life has become a case of counting. How old the boys are now, how many teeth they have, how long they are, how many words they can say, how long their time out is (no more than 60 seconds), how long until we go to the playground, how long until Dad gets home and they go play ball in the backyard, how many times they have to breath in their inhalers. It has gotten to the point where if they don't feel like creating a big fuss they will count with me- but as they are only 18 months it comes out "unh, doo, hee..." In case you are curious about 'the count': Tommy is over 27 pounds and Joey is over 23. Tommy has 12 teeth and Joey has 8. They both speak over 15 words- like ball, cheese, hi, bye, momma, dadda, yea, wow, go, no (although not often on this one), up, eat, out, hot, and shoe. Their little personalities are not so little and I am sure a huge shocker is that they are fiercly stubborn (I have no idea who they got that from). They also love playing (most of the time together), making animal sounds especially elephants and ducks. I love that they give hugs and kisses now. We do love the counting.


  1. For the first time ever I'm sad someone made a new post. I loved seeing that picture from your last one on the side of my own blog. I'm glad they are saying cheese. It is such an important word to know. Good parenting!

  2. We have the card up on the door with last card you made us. These story cards with the boys are just darling.